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Star Trek In Between Days Series


These Star Trek: Enterprise fanfiction stories encompass the time period from about the end of the Terra Prime and the two Mirror Universe episodes and the last episode, These Are The Voyages, plus there are prequels and foundational stories. Much of the Daranaean arc goes past Star Trek: Enterprise to continue that sub-series. These stories are listed in timeline order, and in context. All stories are Rated K unless otherwise stated.


Detroit Rock City

In 2005, nobody believes Leland Loomis when he claims to have seen lizard people and a guy with a ray gun. Review of Detroit Rock City.

A Single Step

Lily Sloane Cochrane and Zefram Cochrane meet a mysterious alien in 2117. Review of A Single Step.

The High Cost of Dissidence

In the Mirror, one casual slip of the tongue spells disaster for Lili's counterpart and her family. Takes place in June of 2118. Rated T. Review of The High Cost of Dissidence.


In 2127, Lili O'Day gets a chance to cook for the head of the Mars Culinary Institute. Find Flip:


Sergeant Jay Hayes arrives on Titania with his MACO unit, on April 27, 2133. Review of Atlas.

The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces

Travis is kidnapped for an odd alien experiment. Can he work together with other species? Are any of the people he's been kidnapped with even real? Review of The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces.


At the start of the Xindi War, Malcolm Reed is hit by a tiny spatial anomaly. And that's just the start of what happens to him. The story begins in 2153 and the interphased time is 1775. Review of Concord.

Party on Risa

In February of 2152, Travis Mayweather goes to Risa and enjoys a dance before rock climbing. Review of Party on Risa.

And the Livin' is Easy

In February of 2152, Jonathan Archer goes to Risa and checks out the ladies. Review of And the Livin' is Easy.

If You Can't Stand the Heat

Chef Paul Miller and botanist Naomi Curtis save the day. Note: to prevent breakage with In Between Days fanon, the protagonist's name was later changed to William Slocum. Naomi is the first Botanist on the NX-01, replaced by Shelby Pike before the Xindi War. Review of If You Can't Stand the Heat.

Cobbled Together

In September of 2152, Malcolm Reed bets on pineapple. Review of Cobbled Together.

Lili Arrives


In April of 2153, at the start of the Xindi War, Chef William Slocum observes Lili O'Day and recommends that she be hired to be the sous-chef on the Enterprise. Review of Voracious.


At the start of the Xindi War, Lili O'Day is hired to be the sous-chef on the Enterprise. Review of Harvest.

Before the Fall

On June 12, 2153, Lili and Will compete in an Iron Chef-style competition. Review of Before the Fall.

The Continuing Adventures of Porthos - The Future Cat

When temporo-spatial anomalies hit the NX-01, Porthos takes an involuntary trip to the Enterprise-D. Can Spot help get him back in time and space? Review of The Continuing Adventures of Porthos - The Future Cat.


In October of 2153, Lili makes a cake for Captain Archer's birthday as the Enterprise continues into the Delphic Expanse. Review of Protocols.

A Perfect Note

Striking out has a more permanent effect on a crewman than would normally be expected. Takes place on October 28, 2153. Find A Perfect Note:

The Mess

On November 22, 2153, Lili reacts to meeting She Who Almost Didn't Breed in Time. Review of The Mess.

Gossip gossip

On November 29, 2153, Rona Moran reports on the goings on aboard the NX-01. Find Gossip gossip:


Several months after being hired to be the sous-chef on the Enterprise, Lili O'Day chops and remembers. Review of Onions.


On January 2, 2154, Lili gives Jay a little something for his cough. Review of Penicillin.


A drabble version of Penicillin. Find Cough:


On January 8 of 2154, Jay Hayes is forced to discipline Corporal Daniel Chang, and busts him to Private. Review of Demotion.

E2 Time period intervenes

Detached Curiosity & Idle Speculation

On January 14, 2154, Dave Constantine and Frank Todd talk about the other version of the NX-01. Rated T. Review of Detached Curiosity & Idle Speculation.

Conversations With Heroes

On March 19th, 2154, filmmaker Carlos Castillo interviews members of the NX-01 crew about their impressions and memories of the Xindi War. Rated K+. Review of Conversations With Heroes.

The Way to a Man's Heart

A June 2154 celebration of diversity leads to an act of kindness. Review of The Way to a Man's Heart.

More, More, More!

The disco Trek story - Jonathan is threatened by a Nokarid infestation in his brain while the ship prepares for the 1970s disco party with the Columbia. This is the first bit of Trek Fan Fiction I ever wrote. Review of More, More, More!. Rated K+.

Letters from Home

In December of 2154, Tripp Tucker gets some annoying correspondence. Review of Letters from Home.

The Adventures of Porthos

An eventful day on the Enterprise as, mostly, told from the point of view of the resident quadruped, Porthos. Review of The Adventures of Porthos.

Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses

A power vacuum is always filled in the Mirror Universe. Rated T. Review of Throwing Rocks at Looking Glass Houses.

Paving Stones Made from Good Intentions

In 2155, Doug Hayes remembers his childhood. This story won the January 2012 Monthly Challenge at Ad Astra. Review of Paving Stones Made from Good Intentions.

The Further Adventures of Porthos - The Stilton Fulfillment

On March 12th of 2155, Porthos overdoes it, with a little help from a Caitian girl. Review of The Further Adventures of Porthos - The Stilton Fulfillment.


In 2155, Treve and his siblings are introduced to Polloria. Find Bribery:

True In Between Days time period

The Light

Chanukah and more on the NX-01. Review of The Light.


Sequel to The Light, starring the semi-triangle of Andrew, Karin and Ethan, with the first glimpse of Crewman Maryam Haroun. Review of Waiting.

First Born

When Temporal Agent Richard Daniels returns from a 2156 mission to the NX-01, he learns that a careless decision by omission has ripped through the timeline and unforeseen consequences change the history of the Mirror Universe. Rated K+. Review of First Born.

An Announcement

In May of 2157, Leonora Digiorno returns from her vacation on Ceres and informs her family that she's met someone special - Melissa Madden. Review of An Announcement.


Meet Lili O'Day, NX-01 sous-chef, middle-aged single gal and all-around drudge. All she's really got to look forward to is hearing from Chef whatever he wants her to help him make. She is, in fact, a talented chef herself, but she lacks confidence and so stays on the sidelines. Until one day, she starts having interesting dreams. Rated T. Review of Reversal.


This story can be slipped into the start (or so) of the third chapter of Reversal. Review of Apple.

Lili leaves the ship

Local Flavor

On November 16, 2157, Lili and Doug spend their first day on Lafa II. Review of Local Flavor.

A Kind of Blue

On Lafa II, Doug and Lili get news and take action, with the help of their friends. Review of A Kind of Blue.

Dear Naurr, Dear Lili

On February 17, 2158, Lili gives a little advice to a new chef. Find Dear Naurr:


On April 6, 2158, Mary Reed gets a job. Find Gainful:

The Tribe

On April 6, 2158, Mary Reed has an interesting commute on the way home from her new job. Find The Tribe:


Just after the events depicted in Reversal, the Empress Hoshi Sato is bested by a wilier female. Review of Brown.

Friday Visit

In June of 2158, Doug and Lili visit Treve, Yimar, Chelben and Yipran, and Lili is given an important gift. Find Friday Visit:


There are women coming to the Enterprise! Travis Mayweather proposes a friendly competition -- whoever gets the girl first wins! And then the winner gets more than he bargained for. How much can you tolerate? Rated T/M. Review of Intolerance.

Barely Tolerable

During the events of Intolerance Captain Archer wishes he was younger. Find Barely Tolerable:


In later 2158, Doug purchases his gift for Lili, for their second Christmas together. Find Pacing:

The Gift

Doug's gift for Lili, during their second Christmas together. Find The Gift:

Voice of the Common Man

On April 19 of 2159, Lili and Doug vote on Lafa II for the first time. Review of Voice of the Common Man.


Their lives seemed perfect. They were happy, and they were together. And then they were forced to do things that they didn't want to do. But then they learned that they did want to do them. But how could they go back? How could they pick up the pieces after they had done that? Rated T. Review of Together.

Broken Seal

Revenge is a dish best served at Movie Night. Review of Broken Seal.


Lili, Joss and Doug share a dream on December 26, 2159. Find Equilibrium:

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

A sequel to Intolerance. The NX-02 Columbia makes first contact with the Daranaeans. Rated K+. Review of The Cure is Worse Than the Disease.


On April 9, 2160, Charles, Beth and Charlie become citizens of the Mirror Lafa System. Review of Ceremonial.

Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before

Whatever happened to ... Stella? On April 25, 2160, Chip Masterson reveals all. Rated K+. Review of Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before.


On May fifth of 2160, Lili and Doug arrive on Ceres for Tommy's birth, on May sixth. Find Tumult:

Achieving Peace

On August 4, 2160, peace is achieved between the Coalition of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire, and Laura Hayes is there. Find Achieving Peace:

Shell Shock

At the conclusion of the Romulan War, all fingers point to Starfleet when a crime is committed in nearby Mill Valley. Takes place in August and September of 2160. Rated T/M. Review of Shell Shock.

There's Something about Hoshi

An alien species without women steals some of Hoshi's hormones in order to make females and gives her, in exchange, irresistibility. Rated T. Review of There's Something about Hoshi.

The Conspiracy

New Year's Day of 2161 brings a fresh threat to the Empress and her family. Find The Conspiracy:

Gilded Cage

On January 7, 2161, in the Mirror Universe, the Empress confines Aidan to quarters. Find Gilded Cage:


It was the last place he wanted to go. But it was his family at stake, so he went back. Rated T/M. Review of Temper.

Movie Night

In March of 2161, Malcolm takes Melissa to Movie Night. Find Movie Night:

Coveted Commodity

In May of 2161, the Mirror Travis has to decide whether he will throw in his lot with Dr. Morgan. Rated K/K+. Review of Coveted Commodity.


Can you give the gift of forgiveness in order to move forward? What happens in the end? Is there something beyond? What endures? Rated M. Review of Fortune.

Day of the Dead

The worst horrors aren't found on a movie screen. Tripp Tucker finds himself whisked to an unfamiliar time and place during Halloween, the Day of the Dead and All Souls' Day, 2161. Rated T. Review of Day of the Dead.

To Wish, To Want, To Desire

On January 11, 2162, Treve and Pamela talk about their expectations for a relationship. Find To Wish, To Want, To Desire:

On the Radio

They never said your name, but I knew just who they meant. Hoshi and T'Pol go through Tripp's things and are both affected, but in different ways. Review of On the Radio.

After the NX-01 is Decommissioned

We Meet Again

Just after the NX-01 is decommissioned in 2162, Travis heads to Philadelphia to mourn Tripp Tucker and think about his next career move. Find We Meet Again:

Saturn Rise

Are some things unforgivable? Are some people irredeemable? In May of 2162, Malcolm takes Lili to meet his parents as Pamela takes Treve to meet her sister, Lisa. Rated T. Review of Saturn Rise

The Play at the Plate

In the Mirror, Andy meets Melissa, on July 9, 2162. Review of The Play at the Plate.


On August eleventh of 2162, the Calafan High Priestess Yipran chooses her successor at the Festival of Lo. Find Legends:

All You Need is Love

The aftermath of a very special first birthday party, in October of 2162. Find All You Need is Love:

The Best Things Come in Pairs

For Treve and Pamela, on July 12th of 2163, a poker game turns into something more. Review of The Best Things Come in Pairs.


The first time for Pamela and Treve proves to be a bit more complicated than anticipated. Takes place in the early morning of July 13th of 2163. Rated T. Review of Complications.


On August 28, 2164, Malcolm and Doug investigate a mysterious pinging sound. Find Gremlins:

Take Back the Night

The USS Zefram Cochrane and the DC-1502 Excelsior are sent to help out a planet that's looking for assistance in keeping Klingons from raiding the far reaches of its system. That planet is Daranaea, and Dr. Nguyen finds that old feeling of dread about those sexist sentient marsupials coming back. A direct sequel to The Cure is Worse Than the Disease, taking place in 2165. Rated K+. Review of Take Back the Night.


Cria the Daranaean has a fun afternoon planned with her friends, until someone gives in to temptation. Takes place in late 2165. Review of Temptation.

Some Assembly Required

During the 2165 holidays, the USS Zefram Cochrane sends a gift to Daranaean children. But there's a bit of a communications mixup. Review of Some Assembly Required.

The Facts

Tommy Digiorno-Madden gets an eyeful when he's sent home early from school one day. Takes place on September 11, 2166. The postings of The Facts:


Brigid Kelly goes on a job interview in 2172. Find Biases:

Consider the Lilies of the Field

In June of 2175, Joss takes Jia to his senior prom. Review of Consider the Lilies of the Field.

In Memory of Kelsey Haber

In October of 2175, the crew of the USS Zefram Cochrane tries to remember a troubled crewman who none of them really ever knew. Review of In Memory of Kelsey Haber.

The Pivot Point

On January first of 2176, Susan Cheshire makes a decision in both universes. Review of The Pivot Point.


In 2177, Vidam is a young member of the Beta Council, and he proposes giving Prime Wives the right to vote. Find Debate:


In 2177, Shran goes into hiding briefly, on the Cochrane. Review of Half.

There's Something Else About Hoshi

In 2179, twenty years after the events depicted in There's Something About Hoshi, Hoshi Sato Kimura and her family return to Aris. Review of There's Something Else About Hoshi.

Flight of the Bluebird

Fifteen years after the events depicted in Take Back the Night, Malcolm Reed is back on Daranaea with his new ship, the DC-1505 Bluebird. How much have things changed? How much have they stayed the same? Is this generation fulfilling its promise? Rated K+. Find Flight of the Bluebird:


In 2181, Captain Malcolm Reed makes a choice, and sacrifices for what's most important to him. Review of Equinox.


On September second of 2182, the younger Inta realizes her dreams and enrolls in Oxford University's art program. Find Confidence:

The Rite

In 2183, Lili, Malcolm and Declan attend Alia Shapiro's Bat Mitzvah and there's a little misbehaving going on. Find The Rite:

Finnan Haddie

On April 29, 2185, a first dance is held on Lafa II. Review of Finnan Haddie.

Hearts in Time

In 2191, Inta goes on a date with a man from the future. A cross-over story, with trekfan and his wonderful character, Hank Harrison. Find Hearts in Time:


Independence begins and ends in early 2192, for Leah Benson and her counterpart as they face challenges in both universes. Rated T. Review of Bread.


In 2192, Andrew Miller remembers the events of 2166 as he makes his escape from the Empress Hoshi Sato. Review of Escape.

After Lili

The Medal

In 2203, Neil Digiorno-Madden runs his first 5K. Find The Medal:

A Hazy Shade

In 2212, President Jonathan Archer dedicates a monument to the honored departed of the NX-01. Find A Hazy Shade:

Completely Hers

In 2213, Declan Reed goes all in. Find Completely Hers:


The younger Treve delivers Pamela's eulogy, in 2232. Find Remembrance:

November 13th

In 2234, Craig Willets remembers an odd message from 2151; In 3097, Richard Daniels sends a message to the 2151 NX-01. Review of November 13th.

Who Shall Wear the Robe and Crown?

On May the 12th of 2245, there is a death, and it has a few complications. Find Who Shall Wear the Robe and Crown?:

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