Charlie Tucker IV

Charlie Tucker IVMale View treeBorn: 2159-10-12
Father: Charles Tucker III (Tripp)Mother: Elizabeth Cutler
Children: none
Siblings: Lorian Tucker

Portrait of Charlie Tucker IV

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  • Kirok of L’stok

    You could have a whole new genre there to rival teen supernatural fiction – teen interspecies drama! It’s definitely not your run-of-the-mill fan fiction, pointing out a flaw in the utopian Star Trek ideal – How do you sell IDIC to hormonal teenagers?

    • janetgershensiegel

      And how do those teenagers embrace their own differences? It’s a push-pull dynamic when you’re a teen (you remember). You want to fit in so, so badly, yet at the same time, you also want to be unique and appreciated for who you are. You want to be a wallflower trendsetter. Imagine having the stamp of difference all over your features (truth be told, that’s the case for a lot of purely human people already)!

      I thank you for commenting (and for publishing her tale!). I so loved writing this one. One of these days, I’ll write her a better sequel.