Daranaean Emergence

Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction

Daranaean Emergence happens slowly. But at least it happens.

Star Trek has always been home to any number of fascinating species, as Daranaean Emergence has Star Trek fan fiction.

Daranaean Emergence

The Daranaeans are an original species, of sentient marsupial canids. Their society is changing. Just as individuals emerge from their mothers’ pouches, Daranaea as a society is emerging from its Dark Ages. Daranaean emergence cuts across several series.

Due to numerous cross-overs, the stories are also listed where they cross, and in the order in which they historically appear in fanon, and are generally best enjoyed in context. All stories are Rated K unless otherwise stated.

The images used are generally dogs or bats; the reader should use some imagination.

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There are women coming to the Enterprise! Travis Mayweather proposes a friendly competition — whoever gets the girl first wins! And then the winner gets more than he bargained for. How much can you tolerate? Rated T/M.

The Cure is Worse Than the Disease

A sequel to Intolerance. The NX-02 Columbia makes first contact with the Daranaeans. Rated K+.

Third Worth More than First

In February of 2160, the Columbia makes second contact with the Daranaeans. Written by FalseBill. Rated T.

Take Back the Night

The USS Zefram Cochrane and the DC-1502 Excelsior are sent to help out a planet that’s looking for assistance in keeping Klingons from raiding the far reaches of its system. That planet is Daranaea, and Dr. Nguyen finds that old feeling of dread about those sexist sentient marsupials coming back. A direct sequel to The Cure is Worse Than the Disease, taking place in 2165. Rated K+.


Cria the Daranaean has a fun afternoon planned with her friends, until someone gives in to temptation. Takes place in late 2165.

Some Assembly Required

During the 2165 holidays, the USS Zefram Cochrane sends a gift to Daranaean children. But there’s a bit of a communications mixup. 


In 2177, Vidam is a young member of the Beta Council, and he proposes giving Prime Wives the right to vote.

Flight of the Bluebird

Fifteen years after the events depicted in Take Back the Night, Malcolm Reed has returned to
Daranaean Emergence Daranaea with his new ship, the DC-1505 Bluebird. The next generation of Daranaeans is all grown up, and they are beginning to make their way in the universe. Seppa, Inta, Vidam, Trinning and more are back.

How much have things changed? How much have they stayed the same? Is this generation fulfilling its promise? Rated K+.


On September second of 2182, the younger Inta realizes her dreams and enrolls in Oxford University’s art program.


On September 10, 2182, Inta’s Oxford education offers many new experiences.

Hearts in Time

In 2191, Inta goes on a date with a man from the future. A cross-over story, with trekfan and his wonderful character, Hank Harrison.

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