Family Members

Family Members

These are the family members of jespah’s Star Trek fanfiction characters. See the family tree for both Family Members and details.Family Members

In Between Days

So you can roughly divide some family members into the Madden-Beckett branch. But then others are in the O’Day-Beckett branch. There are also people in the O’Day-Reed branch in our universe. Also, there’s the Sato-Tucker branch in the Mirror.


For alternate timelines, family members divide up into both O’Day-Hayes and O’Day-Reed. But there’s also Ikaaran and Phlox. And then there’s second kick-back in time, where Hodgkins and Curtis are more prominent.

Barnstorming Family Members

The middle series has a much more complex family tree. So there are folks from both the In Between Days branches and also LaForge, Daniels, and MacKenzie. Also, there are thirteen family members who I follow.

Times of the HG Wells

For the distant future, families both diverge and converge. So the Morgan line becomes Yarin. Masterson returns, which means that Haddon returns. Bernstein also returns, as does Porter.

AOS Family Members

For the Kelvin timeline made by the newer films, most of the human family members come from the Warren-Parker line. This one converges with Shaw, a name from the Wells series. So this is the Kelvin timeline.

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