Star Trek Interphases

Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction


Interphases are a Star Trek canon construction, referring to “a phenomenon in which the fabric of space begins to break up, allowing an overlap of parallel universes on different dimensional planes.
The rift itself also contained a “completely empty realm, devoid of life, between the dimensional planes”.

These scenarios are rife with possibilities for Star Trek fan fiction.

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Thought Experiment

Starting with Temper, a “pulse shot” is used for time travel and, if
composed of dark matter, is also used in order to pass a person or a time ship to the Mirror Universe. But how was the pulse shot first invented? I decided to attach it to real technology and canon at the same time. Then the first pulse shot would be a mistake, a casualty of the end of the Third World War.

Furthermore, the original invention of what became the pulse shot comes from the destruction of the Large Hadron Super collider at CERN, in 2053. The bombing releases the vestiges of the hunt to reliably replicate the Higgs boson and causes small ripples through time. If a person or a shuttle or the like is hit with one such altered particle, incoherent and unexpected time travel is possible. However, there is no control over the travel, or how to get back. The subjects (they’re not really victims) solve their temporal displacement issues in various manners, as the changes are manifested in many different ways, and often seem to call existence into question.

The stories are listed in the order in which they happened in history, rather than the interphased time when the subject was sent to, or when the story might be related to others. All stories are Rated K unless otherwise stated.


A tribute to some of my own funkier inspirations.

The Puzzle, A Tale Told in Pieces

Travis is kidnapped for an odd alien experiment. Can he work together with other species? Are any of the people he’s been kidnapped with even real?


At the start of the Xindi War, Malcolm Reed is hit by a tiny spatial anomaly. And that’s just the start of what happens to him. The story begins in 2153 and the interphased time is 1775.


On October 12, 2153, Captain Jonathan Archer and Doctor Sam Beckett reciprocally leap in time, in this Quantum Leap crossover.

The Continuing Adventures of Porthos – The Future Cat

When temporo-spatial anomalies hit the NX-01, Porthos takes an involuntary trip to the Enterprise-D. Can Spot help get him back in time and space?

Day of the Dead

The worst horrors aren’t found on a movie screen. Tripp Tucker finds himself whisked to an unfamiliar time and place during Halloween, the Day of the Dead and All Souls’ Day, 2161. Rated T.


Wesley Crusher has a nightmare while he’s with the Traveler. His insights into it lead him to the fulfillment of his greatest dream and wish. Rated T.


Did ya ever hear about the time Wesley and Geordi saw Ted Williams hit a home run? This is a TNG story. The story begins in 2366; the interphased time is 1941.

Interphases Based on the E2 Canon Episode

Reflections Down a Corridor

The Enterprise is thrown back in time, to 2037, and the crew begins to cope with the changes that have been wrought. Meditations on the canon episode, E2. Begins on January 17, 2154 but continues in April of 2037. What happened between 2037 and 2154? Was the crew proud of any of it? Rated T

Supply and Demand

Sandra Sloane supplies, so she gets to demand. Takes place during Reflections Down a Corridor. Rated MA


Two members of the crew have clashed before. Now one is hurt; will the other one step up?


On the E2 Enterprise, bonds are formed as other bonds are broken. It was a generational ship. Just how did the crew form couples? Runs from October of 2037 to the end of August of 2038. Rated M.

The Three of Us

The male to female ratio was uneven on the E2 Enterprise. How did people cope, and adjust their expectations? Runs from the end of 2038 to the end of 2082. Rated M.


One of the many (com)promises and vows from the E2 time period. Takes place during The Three of Us.


Sekar Khan confesses his love for Hoshi. Takes place during The Three of Us.


A day in the life of MACO Private Oscar Tiburon and Engineering Crewman Tracey Carter. This story is told completely without dialog. Takes place during The Three of Us. Rated K+.


While on the E2 Enterprise, Travis tries to teach Lili how to fly a shuttle. Takes place during The Three of Us.


Then on the E2 Enterprise, Lili makes Jay a birthday cake with Joss’s not so welcome assistance. Takes place during The Three of Us.

Infinite Diversity

Various meditations on events mostly occurring during The Three of Us, with a Pride theme.

Everybody Knows This is Nowhere

During the Xindi War, the Enterprise was thrown back in time, to 2037. In 2154, the second iteration Enterprise met its original counterpart, which had become a generational ship. And then it was kicked back a second time. But just what happened between 2037 and 2154? And which parts of it happened twice? Runs from 2154 to 2037 and then eventually back to 2154 in the prime timeline. Rated M.

If I Could Do It All Over Again

A reimagining of an absent scene from the E2 episode. Takes place during Everybody Knows This is Nowhere.


This is a quick drabble showing a Tripp and T’Pol when she is first pregnant with Lorian. The prompt word was free. Takes place during Everybody Knows This is Nowhere. Rated K+.


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