Taking Star Trek: Enterprise into New Directions

Star Trek Enterprise Fan Fiction

From 2001 through 2005, Star Trek: Enterprise was broadcast on network television. The characters were rich and dynamic, and the program ended far too early.

It has been a starting point for fanfiction for me. Canon is not as restricting as might be imagined. It can be somewhat freeing to have had some major decisions already made. This should not imply fear of decisions or creativity! I make characters, alien races, etc. It’s just the overall framework and timeline which are used as a means of shaping my creativity. To read it on the go, just go to the Alpha Fanfiction downloader. Or convert the stories to PDF, or download some of them from Issuu. The muse is like a house on fire for me these days. This is passion. Like this page?

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In Between Days

Being a Star Trek Fan Fiction writer has always been an interesting experience. Writing  Reversal was, in many ways, like jumping off a cliff. Every morning, there were new ideas, inspirations, and things to do. Ending it wasn’t so easy. I had fallen in love with the  characters, and in particular with the new surrogate for myself, Lili O’Day.  In Between Days encompasses the time period from about the end of the Terra Prime and Mirror Universe episodes in Star Trek: Enterprise and the last episode, These Are The Voyages, with prequels and sequels as well.

In Between Days

Times of the HG Wells

As a time travel faction threatens to change time to suit their own aims, Times of the HG Wells explores Star Trek: Enterprise canon character Daniels in his temporal travels and personal emotional journey.

Hall of Mirrors

Encompassing various time periods, the Star Trek Mirror Universe Timeline is explored and filled in, as an alternate and more violent
history is explored.


Interphases outlines unexpected temporal, spatial and somatic displacements, including Star Trek: Enterprise stories based on
the canon E2 episode. Subjects often become accidental time travelers who need to figure out how to get home.


The life of Eriecho, a Vulcan ex-convict, is followed after the destruction of the planet Vulcan in the JJ Abrams timeline
(Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness) universe. How can an emotional Vulcan get along, when she’s a member of an endangered species?

Dispatches from the Romulan War

A round-robin style series about the Star Trek canon Romulan War (2158 – 2160 or so) using journalistic styles.

Hold Your Dominion

A pregnant human widow and her trials during and after the Star Trek canon Dominion War; written upon the tenth anniversary
of 9/11. How does Gina Nolan cope after her life, as she knew it, ends?

Mixing it Up

Original and Star Trek canon alien hybrids and their origins are spotlighted as they adjust to worlds where no one else is
like them and few people understand their struggles.


A futuristic sports team in space and its adventures are the focus, as Wesley Crusher returns from his days with the Traveler and finds that he wants something out of life that isn’t Starfleet.

Extras and One-Off Stories

Star Trek:Enterprise stories and scenarios from series and universes beyond Enterprise are explored as canonical and fan fiction timelines converge and diverge.

Other Stories

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