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Star Trek One-Offs

Star Trek Fan Fiction

All Star Trek fan fiction stories are Rated K unless otherwise stated.

Star Trek: Enterprise – Dispatches from the Romulan War

A round-robin style series of stories about the Star trek canon Romulan War (2158 – 2160 or so) using journalistic styles.

Dispatches from the Romulan War: Prison Break

First, survivors of the first attack of the war tunnel out of a prison and are reunited with their pleasantly surprised families. Rated K+.

Dispatches from the Romulan War: Soldiers’ Marriage Project

Then, during the Romulan War, gossip reporter Rona Moran helps finance a massive wedding for soldiers going to war. Rated K+.

Star Trek: Barnstorming

A traveling sports team plays throughout the galaxy, post-Star Trek: Nemesis.

The All-Stars

It was a time for new beginnings, for a woman who had over half of her adult life stolen and for her cousin, a new job and new challenges. And this promised a new life for a young man with few plans and no real direction. Furthermore, it was a chance for three women to change their lives, and for fifty athletes to do something new. And there was a secret project by Section 31 that threatened to break a treaty and had the potential to open up a portal to another universe while someone out there – whose intentions were unknown – was trying to get in.


Chapter 20 of the first story (The All-Stars), in raw form, as Dana MacKenzie and Kent Hoberman enjoy each other’s company. A lot. Rated M.

Star Trek: The Original Series

More than a Will to Live

This is a collaborative piece. I wrote Chapter 3 (The Pieces Assemble), Chapter 7 (The Mark) and Chapter 13 (Possession).

Victory in Maine

Why, exactly, is there a mannequin’s head on a pole, in South Bristol, Maine? Written for SL Walker’s Arc of the Wolf series.

Star Trek: The Animated Series


Scotty goes on a first date with a newer crew member. Rated K+.

Eriecho – Star Trek: Alternate Original Series (JJ Abrams Universe; Star Trek 2009 and Star Trek Into Darkness)


With the destruction of Vulcan, Vulcans are sought in all sorts of remote places.


The night of their arrival on Mars brings a nightmare for Eriecho.

Double Helix

A couple of months after arriving at the Martian sanctuary, Saddik and Eriecho visit people who are, in a way, their family.

The Mundane World

At the Martian sanctuary, Eriecho tends her garden.

A Gathering

Then at the Martian sanctuary, Jack Shaw hosts a massive Thanksgiving dinner but, more importantly, gets to spend some time with Juliet Parker.


Connections of genetics and memory bring a silver lining to a horrible tragedy.

Across the Universe

Then Eriecho’s relationship with Sollastek is tested when an emotional Vulcan is brought to the sanctuary, a man who rattles everyone he meets.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

You Make Me Want to Scream

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors? And what can be heard? Rated T.

The Continuing Adventures of Porthos – The Future Cat

When temporo-spatial anomalies hit the NX-01, Porthos takes an involuntary trip to the Enterprise-D. So can Spot help get him back in time and space?


While with the Traveler, Wesley Crusher has a nightmare. And his insights into it lead him to the fulfillment of his greatest dream and wish. Rated T.


As a result of the events in Imprecision, Wesley goes to visit Lakeisha Warren.


Did ya ever hear about the time Wesley and Geordi saw Ted Williams hit a home run? This is a TNG story. The story begins in 2366; the interphased time is 1941.


Then Geordi and his friends help Data deal with a significant loss.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Dominion War Aftermath)

The story of Gina Nolan, a pregnant widow during the Dominion War.

Hold Your Dominion

One of the major battles of the Dominion War was the attack on Earth, by the Breen, on October tenth, 2375. Millions of humans lost their lives.

One of those was Michael Nolan, a Xenobotanist in Beijing. He left a widow, Gina Righetti Nolan, who was expecting their first child. This piece is Deep Space Nine/Voyager. Rated K+.


Gina Nolan can finally let go.

Smash Your Dominion

This a Mirror Universe version of Hold Your Dominion as imagined if a network executive demanded that a Mirror Universe episode be written. Rated T.

Wider than the Sargasso Sea

Two decades after the Breen attack on Earth, Gabrielle Nolan is forced to act with the Breen, Desh, in a production of Jane Eyre. Can she rise above her feelings for the sake of the production? Will Desh ever fit in?

Star Trek: Voyager


This drabble used the title word as inspiration.


Kathryn Janeway and Tom Paris remember a bond that only they share.

Star Trek: Mixing it Up

These are various stories about alien hybrids and their origins.


D’Storlin talks about why he’s at the Archer Academy at Oberon.

Freak School

Sixteen-year-old Klingon-human cross Rayna Montgomery is having trouble at school. Rated T.

Report Card

Teenaged Klingon-human cross Rayna Montgomery is back, or at least she’s being written about, as her parents get a note from her boarding school, her progress reports and a sample menu.

The Reptile Speaks

A shy Gorn shows his feelings to a lovely, blushing Cardassian maiden.


A few weeks after Bron and Sophra start going out, they are separated.

Losin’ It

Oh, what has Skrol done now?


Skrol and Tr’Dorna misbehave during a class field trip. Rated M.


A year after Bron and Sophra start going out, he meets her parents and blurts out the truth.
Other Stories

Extras, One-Off Stories, and Expanded Universes

Advice From My Universes to Yours

For the 2013 holidays, I wrote some crossover ficlets starring six of my characters as advisors, including canon character Major Jay Hayes, plus Lili O’Day, Levi Cavendish, Branch Borodin, Eriecho and Dratha.

Alien Encounter

Keith Paris finds himself trapped in a stuck lift with an unexpected someone.


Written for Captain Sarine and taking place in his Redemption universe, Damien gets serious about Kalara.

Dear Captain

Spam – the final frontier!

I Got Married to the Widow Next Door

What happens when a Queen Bee stings Hank Harrison? Will karma ever sting her back? To answer the Steal All the Toys Challenge on Ad Astra, I wrote this story for trekfan‘s great Chronicles series. Rated K+.

It’s a Small Universe After All

This story was written in response to a challenge to put together two characters who really shouldn’t go together, or would not normally be seen together. Both are canon characters; it’s based on who one of the characters reminded me of when I first saw her.


This is a quick drabble showing a possible date between Tripp and a human woman, possibly Amanda Cole if they had gone further than one kiss. It was prompted on The Delphic Expanse;  the prompt word was razor.

Stocking Stuffers 2013

This is a set of gift ficlets for friends, done for the holidays.

Alternate Universes


A tribute to some of my own funkier inspirations.

The Black Widow

Long before the Xindi War, things go very wrong on the Enterprise. A particularly violent reimagining of the events in the canon episode, Bounty. Rated T.


This is a drabble; the prompt word was brazen. A possible alternate fiancee for Malcolm meets his parents for the first time, with disastrous results. Rated K+.


This crossover story contains eight drabbles of family life in my various universes.

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